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Sylvia Anderson – Information

Here is some biographical information on Sylvia Anderson:

  • Born: Sylvia Thamm, 17 March 1927 in London, England
  • Father was a boxing promoter and ran his own gymnasium in South London
  • Mother, Beatrice Aberdeen, was pretty, artistic, eloquent and a clothing designer
  • Had a younger sister, Betty, who died of breast cancer
  • Won a school prize for journalism in her formative years
  • As a child, often went to the theater with Nan, her maternal grandmother
  • Graduated from London School of Economics with a degree in economics and sociology
  • Got a job in 1957 as a part-time secretary for small film company called Polytechnic
  • Later in 1957 Polytechnic broke apart and Sylvia went with Arthur Provis and Gerry Anderson to AP Films as company director
  • Emigrated to the United States to live with her first husband, an American golfer
  • Returned to England with her daughter when first marriage ended
  • Has one daughter from first marriage named Jacqueline Dee, known as Dee Anderson.
  • Married to Gerry Anderson from 1960 to 1981
  • Has one son with Gerry Anderson, named Gerry Anderson, Jr.
  • Is an accomplished screenwriter, novelist, actress, voice artist, producer, creator, production assistant, dialog director, character developer, costume designer, talent scout (for HBO) and director (and can pretty much do anything else related to television and film)
  • Currently working on CGI series The Last Station with daughter Dee
  • Currently doing the voice of Lady Penelope’s Aunt Sylvia in Thunderbirds Are Go television series
  • Currently involved in multimedia television station GloTIME with daughter Dee
  • You can connect with Sylvia on Facebook