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Martian Space Probe

Martian Space Probe from “Brink of Disaster”

Here are the Canon Foundry facts about the Martian Space Probe, all taken from Thunderbirds FAB Cross-Sections by Graham Bleathman, Carlton Books (2000) ISBN 1 84222 091 8:

  • Designed by Professor Wingrove
  • Built by Rosenthal Industries
  • Journey originated from Cape Kennedy (Florida, USA)
  • Launch site was in England (unspecified)
  • Reached Avonmouth in just over a week on its specially adapted super-cargo vessel, then completed its journey by road
  • The Allington suspension bridge could not handle the weight load and collapsed
  • The probe was plunged into the river, trapping two technicians inside
  • The command module was retrieved (with the two technicians) but the rest of the rocket was left in the river
  • The cost of repairs to the bridge and the loss of the rocket bankrupted Rosenthal Industries and marked the end of the Martian Space Probe project