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The Organisations


Many organizations showed up in the Thunderbirds universe – starting, of course, with International Rescue! But there were others, too, such as the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP) and Gazelle Corporation (owned by Jeff’s friend Wilbur Dandridge III). To find out more about the organizations you’ll find in canon, click one of the links under The Organizations in the menu to the left or keep reading below!

Some general organizational facts:

  • The world of Thunderbirds is controlled by a World Government, led by a World President and a Senate containing a representative from each member state.
  • The military arm of the government is run by a Security Council which is in charge of  the World Army/World Air Force/ World Navy/ World Aquanaut Security Patrol and the World Space  Agency. There is also a World Secret Service. We see several of these organisations referred to in the series.
  • Gordon Tracy was a member of WASP.
  • In ‘Edge of Impact’ we learn Colonel Casey is a member of the World Space  Agency (presumably the same ‘Space Agency’ that Jeff had belonged to in his own astronaut days). This may or may not be the same International Space Control that monitors space traffic in ‘Ricochet’, or the one in charge of the Mars Space Project in ‘Day of Disaster’ and the Zero X project in the Thunderbirds are Go film.
  • In addition to global forces, some countries still maintain their own armed forces. We see a new machine being tested for the US Army in ‘Pit of Peril’the US Air Force have their planes attacked in ‘The Cham-Cham’ and the US Navy shoots down Thunderbird Two (and later helps Thunderbird Four get to New York) in ‘Terror in New York City’.
  • Britain also still operates its own secret service in ‘The Man from MI5′ and ’30 Minutes after Noon’.