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Here are the Canon Foundry facts about FAB 2, all taken from Thunderbirds FAB Cross-Sections by Graham Bleathman, Carlton Books (2000) ISBN 1 84222 091 8:


Length: 110 feet

Beam: 30 feet

Draught: 8 feet

Overall Height: 42 feet

Displacement: 300 tons


Long-range cruising speed: 25 knots

Maximum speed: 60 knots

Range: 5,000 miles


2 gas turbines driving magneto-hydro-dynamic aquajets


From one to six

Other Information

  • Lady Penelope’s private ocean-going yacht
  • One of several ocean-going pleasure cruisers owned by the Creighton-Ward family
  • Kept in an exclusive private marina on the south coast of England
  • Was specially built for Lady Penelope by International Engineering (Jeff Tracy’s a major shareholder in the company)
  • Mainly used for social functions when Lady Penelope is traveling
  • Can function as a floating operations control center for International Rescue
  • Has an emergency solar power electricity generator
  • Has five lifeboats
  • Has inflatable life rafts
  • There is a garage on the lowest deck for FAB 1
  • A high-compression pump removes water from FAB 1’s garage once the rear doors have closed
  • The galley occupies the full width of the yacht, with the central corridor passing through the middle
  • Has underside video cameras protected in a transparent cahelium-bonded dome
  • Is outfitted with dual starboard torpedo tubes and a torpedo bay
  • Lil has her own bedroom if she’s traveling with Penelope, just behind the torpedo bay
  • Parker has a cabin next to the crew’s quarters
  • Hull is made o fused titanium-alloy and double-walled
  • Has a retractable sonar array
  • An ergonomically simplified control console allows FAB 2 to be controlled by the central computer, allowing only a single crew member to operate her
  • There is a bar in the forward lounge, which is below and in front of the bridge
  • FAB 2 has its own water purification, filtration and sanitation plant (beneath the foredeck)
  • Has a search light mounted atop the bridge and powerful lights which can be lowered through the keel access hatch to monitor activity beneath the yacht