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Sun Probe

Sun Probe

Here are the Canon Foundry facts about Sun Probe, which was featured in the episode of the same name, all taken from Thunderbirds FAB Cross-Sections by Graham Bleathman, Carlton Books (2000) ISBN 1 84222 091 8:


Length: 363 feet

Weight: 2,580 tons


Launch Thrust: 20 million pounds

Total Delta Velocity: 30 miles per second


Standard acceleration: 1 g

Maximum acceleration attained: 2 g

Emergency acceleration: 5 g


1 Rosenthal-Hodge Dynamics sustainer rocket

3 Rosental-Hodge Dynamics secondary rockets

4 retro rockets

16 attitude thrusters

Fuel: Toxerlene

Ion Drive: 24 Amalgamated Atomics Inc. TE-14 thrust modules

Other Information

  • Able to reach solar orbit from Earth in one week
  • Detachable nose-cone probe capable of collecting particles from a solar prominance
  • A computer interface links the solar probe’s control systems with the mother ship
  • Has a forcefield generator to help protect it from the heat of the sun
  • Has a heat-resistant outer hull constructed from cahelium and ceramic additives
  • Contains a remote camera powered by mini-thrusters, which sends TV pictures via an on-board communications system, of the Sun Probe in action; this includes both launch and docking procedures