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International Rescue

Here are the canon facts we have about International Rescue:

The Canon FactThe Source
International Rescue is a top-secret rescue organisation operated by members of the Tracy family from their Pacific island home.TV episodes and both Anderson films.
No-one is allowed to take photographs of either the machines or their operatives.Various episodes and both films.
International Rescue maintains a network of agents in various parts of the world, who act as the eyes and ears of the organisation on the ground and also help with obtaining parts for the machines. These include former British agent Lady Penelope Creighton Ward in England, scientist Sir Jeremy Hodge ('Perils of Penelope'), Jeremiah Tuttle in Tennessee ('The Impostors') and Gallup Din in India ('The Abominable Snowman').Multiple episodes.
International Rescue's motto is 'Not to give up at any cost.' Move and You're Dead
Other Sources:
The organisation was founded by Jeff Tracy, one of the world's richest men, who wanted to fund a rescue service not tied to any particular nation or government. (Canon sources vary as to exactly what gave him the idea). Multiple printed sources from the 1960s.
The five main Thunderbird machines are operated by Jeff's sons - Scott (Thunderbird One), Virgil (Thunderbird Two), Alan (Thunderbird Three), Gordon (Thunderbird Four) and John (Thunderbird Five).All TV episodes, comics, both Anderson films, other printed materials.
The craft were designed by the young scientist known to his friends as Brains, and their cutting-edge technology requires that the organisation must operate in secret, as such machines could upset the balance of power if the fell into the wrong hands.Trapped in the Sky; many printed materials
The Thunderbird machines (apart from Thunderbird Five which is in Earth orbit) are located in hangars concealed around Tracy Island, and accessed through hidden panels from the house.Multiple episodes, both Anderson films, many printed materials.
There are additional hangars/workshops on nearby Mateo Island."Talons of the Eagle" (aka "Near Miss") TV Century 21 Issues 66-72, 23rd April - 4th June 1966.