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Elevator Cage

The Elevator Cage

Here are the Canon Foundry facts about the pod vehicle called ‘Elevator Cage’, all taken from the 1966 Thunderbirds Annual put out by City Magazines Ltd.:

  • The actual ‘elevator cage’ is a semi-circle transparent ‘bubble’ atop a single telescopic leg
  • The vehicle underneath the cage is referred to as the ‘Elevator Vehicle’
  • The vehicle contains a cab; a hatch opens and the operator has to climb out of the hatch, up a two-step ladder and into the cage to operate it
  • The vehicle runs on two caterpillar tracks churned by five gear wheels on either side of the chassis
  • There is an extendable walkway to bridge whatever gap exists between the cage, once extended, and the surface the rescuer needs to reach
  • The vehicle can be moved while the telescopic leg is extended

Note: Not to be confused with the Elevator Car which debuted in the first Thunderbirds episode, ‘Trapped in the Sky,’ but is clearly unrelated to this Elevator Cage