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World Aquanaut Security Patrol

Here are the handful of canon facts we have about the World Aquanaut Security Patrol:

  • World Aquanaut Security Patrol is commonly referred to as WASP
  • Never mentioned by name in the series, but Gordon’s biographies from the Thunderbirds Annual of 1966 onward refer to his service as a member of WASP
  • The organisation was formed in 2034 as the nautical branch of the World Government security forces and was first mentioned in Stingray Source (scanned below as well)
  • WASP headquarters is located “some miles inland from the coast of Florida, America” and is called Marineville (source scanned below)
  • WASP is under the direct control of Commander Sam Shore (source scanned below)
From TV21 Comic, Thunderbirds Summer Extra, 1966
From TV21 Comic, Thunderbirds Summer Extra, 1966