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Peter Dyneley – Videos

Some of the below videos will take some looking at to find Peter Dyneley. Please follow the guide below the gallery in order to more easily locate him in each.

Video Year Where’s Peter? Who does he play?
Fall of Eagles Season 1 Ep 7 “Dearest Nicky” 1974 9:58; 47:51 von Bulow
Fall of Eagles Season 1 Ep 9 “Dress Rehearsal” 1974 36:35 von Bulow
Father Brown Season 1 Ep 13 “The Secret Garden” (In English, but also Dubbed) 1974 4:35; 17:36 Julius K. Brayne
Female Fiends (Trailer Only) 1958 0:53; 1:02 Dr. Rene Normand
Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre Season 3 Ep 9 “Castor und Pollux” (German) 1970 1:38; 8:19; 14:20; 24:31 Lord Alistair Abdington
The Manster (Full Movie) 1959 He’s the star! Larry Stanford
Romeo and Juliet (Full Movie) 1976 2:58:22 Escalus, Prince of Verona
Death of a Snowman (Trailer Only) 1976 0:49; 0:59 Captain
Newsreel: London – Duke With Taverners 1963 1:34 He’s one of the white-shirted basketball players