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David Graham – Information

Here is some biographical information on David Graham:

  • Born 11th July 1925 in north London
  • Served as a radar mechanic during World War II, stationed at RAF Cosford, Shropshire
  • After the war went to New York to train as an actor with the Neighbourhood Playhouse, then returned to England to work in repertory, notably at Nottingham Playhouse and the Shaftesbury Theatre, London before being taken on by Laurence Olivier at the National Theatre Company.
  • First worked with Gerry Anderson in a live-action series Martin Kane but offered his services as a voice-artist when he heard Gerry was going to be doing some puppet work.
  • First worked for AP Films playing ‘Gramps’ in Four Feather Falls, subsequently roles in Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds and Secret Service
  • Has appeared in innumerable British TV shows
  • Also famous for being one of the original Dalek voices in Doctor Who in 1963 and the voice of ‘Big Brother’ in the 1983 Apple Macintosh advert
  • More recently, has done voices in Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
  • In 2015 was asked to play Parker for the new Thunderbirds are Go! series, 47 years after he last played it (in the movie Thunderbird Six). This means he holds the record for an actor returning to a role after the longest interval (previously held by Elizabeth Sladen who reprised her role of Sarah Jane Smith from Doctor Who after 23 years)

David has his own website http://davidgraham.co

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