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Tracy Villa

The Villa, home to the Tracy family, Brains and the Kyranos

Here are the Canon Foundry facts about Tracy Island, all taken from the International Rescue Thunderbirds Agents’ Technical Manual written by Sam Denham (2012):

  • Jeff Tracy’s desk, located in the lounge, is where all rescue operations are controlled from.
  • Thunderbird One’s pilot’s cabin can be accessed immediately by its pilot via a moving platform concealed by a revolving panel in the lounge.
  • Pilot and passenger transporation systems for Thunderbirds Two and Three are also built into the surrounding structure, providing direct flight-deck access.
  • The portraits of the Tracy sons and Lady Penelope, located in the lounge, are actually video communication screens. During ‘Operation Coverup,’ the portraits of the sons in their uniforms are replaced by portraits of them in civilian clothing.
  • The International Rescue agents’ map is folded into the lounge ceiling, lowered when Jeff needs to see where the organization’s operatives are located.
  • When the couch lowers passengers/pilot through the floor on the way to Thunderbird Three, there is a second couch on hand to fill the hole. As the two couches pass each other in the access shaft, the replacement is lifted from its telescopic support and moved sideways and then up into the floorspace vacated by the original.
  • There are an escalator and stairs linking Thunderbird One’s hangar and Inspection Monorail to the Thunderbird One launch bay observation gallery (located underground beneath the patio where the staircase leads up to the wall of windows on the villa.
  • Swimming pool motors located at the outer edge of the Thunderbird One launch bay observation gallery enable the self-contained pool to move aside prior to One’s launch.
  • Tracy villa has two floors.
  • Thunderbird Two’s passenger elevator can be accessed via either floor of the villa.
  • From the cross-section drawings, it appears as though the entire second floor has a balcony all around the outside (except, of course, for the portion of the villa nestled into the rock/mountain).

Here are more Canon Foundry facts about Tracy Island, all taken from the Thunderbirds FAB Cross Sections book written by Graham Bleathman (2005):

  • The villa is one of three surface buildings on Tracy Island, and to the outside world, the house is the home of millionaire Jeff Tracy, his sons, Grandma, Tin-Tin and her father Kyrano. Also living in the house is Brains, who designed the International Rescue machines and supervised the construction of the villa alongside the island’s many technical facilities.
  • Visitors to the island are rare, but ‘Operation Cover-up’ ensures that the visual signs of International Rescue’s secret base are well hidden.
  • The second floor of the villa, starting from the outside back wall and going around clockwise: Two guest rooms, bathroom (there is also a shower and toilet in each bedroom), Jeff’s room, Scott’s room, Virgil’s room, Alan’s room, Gordon’s room, John’s room (under the pergola, which means it is squished between the rock side of the front of the house and the solar energy station atop what appears to be a stone chimney), study, staircase leading to 1st floor, laboratory, workshop and the lounge is on the outside front corner.
  • A cinema room, Tin-Tin’s bedroom, a Games room, a shooting gallery, the dining room and the kitchen are all on the 1st floor.
  • A corridor on the 1st floor provides access to the games room, shooting gallery, Brains’ room, Kyrano’s room, laundry, kitchen, dining room, Tin-Tin’s room, Grandma’s room and additional bathrooms.
  • Items within the lounge include: a desktop videophone, Jeff’s desk, operative portraits/LCD video communications screens, multi-band tranceiver, TV monitors which can receive broadcasts from around the world via Thunderbird Five, but also acts as a computer and video communications screen, and the International Rescue agents’ map (folded into the ceiling).
  • Although Tracy Island has a purpose-built laboratory blockhouse, Brains has duplicated some of its facilities in the laboratory and workshop on the villa’s 2nd floor, where he can conduct smaller experiments. We see an example of Brains working with Braman in the 2nd floor lab in the episode ‘Sun Probe.’