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Thunderbird Four

Thunderbird 4
Thunderbird 4

Here are the Canon Foundry facts about Thunderbird Four, all taken from the International Rescue Thunderbirds Agents’ Technical Manual written by Sam Denham (2012):


Length: 30 feet

Width: 11 feet

Weight: 16 tons


Underwater Speed: 160 knots

Surface Cruising Speed: 40 knots

Emergency Launch Speed: 30 knots

Maximum Operating Depth: 30,000 feet



Power source: Twin atomic fusion reactors

Forward and Reverse Drive: 6 electrically driven reversible axial-flow turbine impellers

Main Turbo Drive: 2 axial-flow turbines providing forward thrust only

Emergency Launch Jets

  • 4 vertical-thrust hover-jets
  • 2 x 25 liquid fuel mini-rockets

Other Information

  • Rear top nacelle steering vanes can be closed to form an airtight seal if necessary
  • Atomic fusion generator powers auxiliaries and superheats air for surface jet engines and hover-jets
  • Rear starboard nacelle steering vanes control surfacing and diving
  • Inner nacelle bulkhead wall is watertight
  • 2 topside airlock hatch doors
  • Access door to pilot’s cabin is watertight
  • Forward starboard vertical thrust hover-jet: if Thunderbird 2 is out of action, Thunderbird 4 can be launched from Pod 4 in its hangar on Tracy Island
  • Starboard nacelle jet engine turbine: used for surface cruising and sealed watertight when Thunderbird 4 is submerged
  • Fuel tanks contain rocket fuel
  • Rockets are used to launch Thunderbird 4 from Pod 4 on the surface of the water or from the hangar
  • Emergency airlock: telescopic system extends into cabin to provide a double-door airlock for emergency or additional access
  • Armorglass topside viewport is strengthened with Formula C/31 and cahelium additives
  • Main viewport provides 180-degree visibility for pilot, strengthened with Formula C/31 and cahelium
  • Life-support unit has zyolithic crystal converter to eliminate the buildup of carbon dioxide in the cabin
  • Pod re-entry docking clamp is electromagnetic
  • Adjustment sprocket allows tool tubes to be raised enabling equipment to be substituted prior to a rescue operation
  • If a missile is not loaded into the tool tube, a harpoon-drill can be fired. The drill is linked via tube to the auxiliary oxygen tanks and can be used to pump air into a downed submarine
  • Multi-jointed laser cutter arm enables the arm to be used accurately
  • Halogen lighting bar
  • Optional grappling arm: depending on the rescue requirements, any of the rescue tools at the front of Thunderbird 4 can be substituted for specialized equipment prior to the launch, via the tool tube access panel

Information from the Thunderbirds Information Sheet:

Colour     –     Yellow with red markings
Length    –     30 feet
Pilot        –     Gordon Tracy