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Mateo Island

Here are the Canon Foundry facts about Mateo Island, all taken from the International Rescue Thunderbirds Agents’ Technical Manual written by Sam Denham (2012):

  • In the event of emergencies, and to provide additional service facilities, Mateo Island has also been converted for International Rescue’s use by the Tracy family
  • A monorail link to the main island (Tracy Island) allows access and transportation of supplies without drawing attention to the organization’s activities
  • Has an atomic fusion reactor
  • Has an air recycling and pumping station
  • Has a deployed emergency satellite communications station
  • Communications antennae doors and hangar doors are disguised by a rock face (such as that which conceals Thunderbird Two’s hangar on Tracy Island)
  • Has an emergency launch bay for Thunderbird Three
  • Has cahelium-strengthened fuel tanks linked via an undersea pipeline to Tracy Island
  • There is a main hangar, a hangar for the Tracy family jet and a hangar for small family boats and Thunderbird Four