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Ray Barrett – Information

Here is some biographical information on Ray Barrett:

  • Born Raymond Charles Barrett on 2 May 1927 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Father’s name was Reginald; he was a traveling salesman
  • Mother’s name was Mabel; she was a secretary for the same company Reginald worked for
  • Attended Windsor State Primary School and Brisbane State High School
  • Won a radio talent competition in 1939, at the age of 12
  • Had once dreamed of becoming a boat-builder
  • Was five feet, nine-and-one-half inches tall (1.77 m)
  •  He was the first actor put under contract by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Drama section.
  • In 1949, Barrett was initiated into Freemasonry as an initiate and member of Empire Lodge #197 of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland
  • Moved from Brisbane to Sydney in 1954
  • Moved to England in 1957
  • Maintained a lifelong love of boats and the sea
  • Voiced Commander Shore and Titan in Gerry Anderson’s series Stingray
  • Was the voice for Alan Tracy in the first episode of Thunderbirds called ‘Trapped in the Sky’ because the role had not yet been cast. He only uttered the words “Okay, Father.”
  • Stated in an interview that he was good at doing accents due to his earlier work in radio where it was required
  • Returned to Australia in the 1970s
  • First wife was named Audrey Bettanay, with whom he had one child named Suellen (early 1950s)
  • Second wife was named Miren Cook, with whom he had two children named Reginald (1972) and John (1978)
  • Had a live-in relationship with Celia Sherman for a few years
  • Was married to Gaye O’Brien (whom he met on the series The Troubleshooters) from 4 October 1986 to his death. She was also his agent and his manager after they married.
  • Bought land and built a house on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Formentera, where he lived on and off for 30 years
  • In London, he bought and renovated a series of cottages
  • One of his passions was playing cricket
  • Received the AACTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (1982) and the Raymond Longford Award (2005)
  • Final acting appearance was in the 2008 film Australia
  • Died on 8 September 2009 at the Gold Coast Hospital in Southport, Queensland, aged 82, after suffering a brain hemorrhage