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Elevator Car

The Master Elevator Car

Here are the Canon Foundry facts about the pod vehicle called ‘Elevator Car’, all taken from the International Rescue Thunderbirds Agents’ Technical Manual written by Sam Denham (2012):

  • Designed specifically to provide aircraft suffering from undercarriage failure the means of effecting a safe and controlled landing using a conventional airport runway
  • Up to three remote-controlled cars operated by a manned master vehicle can be pre-programmed into a moving formation to create a cushioned mobile platform configured by a target aircraft’s airframe specifications through the use of a car-to-car infrared beam positioning system
  • Each car is based on an articulated chassis with high velocity diesel electric motors powering the forward and rear units
  • Capable of accelerating to a top speed of 180mph within 30 seconds
  • Each car is fitted with high density Plasma-Mould tyres
  • The rescue platform is fireproof
  • Each car has front and rear diesel engines
  • The outer access hatch is on the back of the dome where the driver sits
  • The control console is ergonomically simplified, allowing the driver to manually operate and monitor up to three Elevator Cars at once using the steering wheels, foot pedals and voice commands
  • The Master Elevator Car foot pedals control all steering functions
  • The side-mounted steering wheels are used to manually control secondary as well as a third Elevator Car manually if required
  • LCD monitor screens display images from onboard cameras in the remote-controlled Elevator Cars (or other sources)