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Welcome to TICipedia!

What is this site all about? We’re glad you asked!

   Webmistress/Original Concept: Jaimi Sorrell
Originator of Canon Foundry: Pen (quiller)
            Originator of Voice Actor Archive: Christine Davis
       Website Creator/Administrator: Christine Davis

  • What: The purpose of this site is two-fold:
       1) To present Thunderbirds canon in all its forms. Many years ago it was discovered that depending on what source you were relying on for canon information, the answers to your questions could be widely varied. For example, how did Jeff Tracy’s wife perish? Some sources say in childbirth, others say she died in an avalanche with Jeff’s father. TICipedia is here to not only answer these types of questions for you, but show you where those answers come from! (Please note that we do not and will not include any information from the 2004 movie or any subsequent movies or television shows, or any novels but those originally published in 1966-67. The information we present on TICipedia comes from Gerry Anderson productions and the annuals, novels and comics related to the original 1965 television series.)
       2) To archive information, photographs, videos and sound clips of the voice actors from the original Thunderbirds television show. Not only to preserve their place in this iconic series, but also to introduce the world to these very talented men and women who brought the Tracys and all the other characters to life with their voices.
  • Where: We would like to think that Brains, using his genius and his laboratory, got together with Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward in the gigantic library we know must be hiding somewhere in her mansion, to pull all this information together for you. When new information is presented, it will be provided to you by the TICipedia Librarian who resides at Penny’s mansion – an International Rescue agent whose identity must, of course, be kept Top Secret!
  • When: TICipedia will be updated whenever the Librarian and the numerous Library Agents discover new sources for canon information, as well as new information and media for the voice actors. New sections will be rolled out twice per year in conjunction with the publication of the newsletter “NTBS Newsflash” (you can get more information on that on the top right side of this website). This site is an ever-evolving work in progress, with the sole aim of recording every possible answer to every possible Thunderbirds canon question you could ever ask, and showcasing the voice actors!
  • Why: To provide clarity to a sometimes very confusing world: the Thunderbirds universe. And to ensure that we will always remember the human beings behind the marionettes.
  • How: In addition to the tomes of information already gathered for the Canon Foundry by Pen, Jaimi, the Librarian and multiple agents, TICipedia welcomes suggestions from you. To send the Librarian a question you haven’t yet seen an answer for, or to provide us with new information we don’t currently have on TICipedia, please click “Contact” (bottom of the menu to your left). This also holds true for voice actor information. If you find any facts about any of the voice actors, or have any photographs, clippings, videos or sound bites of the voice actors which you would like included on TICipedia, please also email the Librarian!